Kinky Queer Weekend

Kinky queer weekend

Home of the 2019 Intergalactic Contest

celebrating Kinky Queers of All Flavors

September 13-15, 2019

Come join us for the triumphant return of The Intergalactic Contest! A weekend for queers of every flavor of the TLGBQ rainbow, and those who want to build community with us. We are proud to center people who are often found on the edges of community.

The Intergalactic Contest! Celebrating the superheros among us, this competition honors three queer player titles: Intergalactic Ethical Sadist, Intergalactic Power Bottom, and Intergalactic Hardcore Switch.

SEEKING 2019 CONTESTANTS: Open to self-identified queers of all genders, 21+. Click on “Intergalacitc Contest” above to learn more.

This Bunkhouse weekend will meet your woodland fantasies and more. Held in the woods of Oregon we are fueled by exploration, fetish, play and fun!

  • Fabulous Friday Night Meet& Beat to kick the weekend off right.

  • Workshops on Saturday & Sunday 101, 201… 501? From novice to experienced, we’ll have something for you. Experienced presenter? Excited to contribute to an intergalacitc experience? We’re still looking! Send a brief bio and class descriptions to

  • Sunday is Big Gay Brunch & Leather Storytime. Bacon and leather history, what could be better? Featuring a surprise leather person with oodles of scandlous tales from the “olden days.” Come get the real dish from a hot dish!



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The 2018 Judges

Get to know our distinguished panel of Intergalactic Judges.


Alotta Boutte’

Alotta Boutte' is an international cabaret and burlesque sensation. Hailing from the nightclubs of San Francisco, she serves up sweet lyrical somethings that titillate your eyes and tantalize your ears.

Ms. Boutte' has been a featured performer at Tease-O-Rama, the Burlesque Hall of Fame, the New York Burlesque Festival, Helsinki Burlesque Festival, Stockholm's Hootchy Kootchy Club and in Margaret Cho's Sensuous Woman. She has shared the stage with the biggest and brightest in burlesque and cabaret. Recently, she starred as the Chanteuse in the Mugler Follies in Paris.

She currently resides in San Francisco and is part of the world's longest running musical, Beach Blanket Babylon. She was the last recipient of the Bay Area Leather Alliance Entertainer of the Year award (2010) and has been a regular of Seduction and brunch at IMSL.


boy dana

A native of Columbia, South Carolina, boy dana now resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his Owner, Mademoiselle Ceci. he’s a charter member of The 7 Guardsmen, BLUF member #2973, alumni member of Onyx SE, associate member of HOTFF of Toronto, honorary member of the Panthers LLC of Atlanta and full member of Hooker & boys.

boy dana, also known as Mama’s Quiet boy & Mama’s Boot Whore, began his kinky journey at the age of 19. Since then, he’s had the honor to participate on many BDSM education panels to promote sexual and gender diversity, plays with the best in the world and served as Georgia Leatherboy 2000 and Ms . South Carolina Leather 1996. he’s not afraid of hard work and enjoys helping out whenever he can.

The boy is into many things, but his LOVES are cigars, boots, yoga and pain. OINK!


Ingrid Olson

Ingrid flags hunter green on the left. She identifies as a queer, trans, butch, dyke Daddy who is ‘custom-built.’ In her pre-transition life, Ingrid was a Canadian infantry Sergeant so she is familiar with polishing boots, starching uniforms, and yelling orders (sometimes across the dungeon). She is easily distracted by queer, femme, girls and believes there is no such thing as ‘too femme.’

Involved in public BDSM since 1999, Ingrid has presented workshops on public abduction scenes, humiliation play, fire play, and intermediate needle play.

She is a former managing member of the kink organization, ‘By Invitation Only’ in Vancouver, B.C., and a former Sergeant-At-Arms for ‘The Exiles’ in San Francisco. Ingrid has previously served as a judge for the Toronto Bootblack contest. It is her great pleasure to be invited to assist with Kinky Queer Weekend 2019.

element (1).jpg

Element Eclipse

Element grew up in Ohio Following his graduation, Element joined the United States Army Reserves and moved to Portland, Oregon. He invested 5 years between Portland and Seattle serving as Whelp under Sir Tony Buff. A past associate member with the Chicago Hellfire Club, Mr. Eclipse has been in recent affiliation with the Satyr’s & Rainbow Motorcycle Club.

He is a bit of a sash queern serving as Northwest Leatherboy 2011, Northern California Leatherboy 2013, and Mister Powerhouse 2016. He also competed in International Mister Leather 2016 Element has been residing in San Francisco for 9 years and counting.

Element is Assistant Director of “100 Boyfriends” and takes pride in his Shibari rope skills while enjoying a vast variety of BDSM activities. He has taught classes such as “One Rope, Two Knots, Three Ties”, “How to Fuck Better”, and “How to Have Sex Like a Porn Star.”

Most days when he is not at work as a Phlebotomist at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. You’ll find him on his BMW motorcycle training for Aids Life Cycle or just riding to pick up the next daddy.

Becca Bio.jpg

Becca Bee

Miss Becca Bee (she/her), is a quick-witted, mean girl with a penchant for fighting dirty. As a polyam, fat, chronically ill, top side heavy switch, she gets into more than her fair share of trouble, (but if you ask her, she never causes it- it finds her).

She is a member of PDX Bootblacks (currently via Seattle). A service loving Miss- who flags "Bitch" on the left and light yellow in either- her laugh can often be heard ringing out across the dungeon during play. She represented her state as the first Washington State Bootblack in 2014.


Keep the Northwest kinky

representing a diverse community

We are a safer space for People of Color, Trans people, and LGBQQAI people.

Kinky Queer Weekend is a celebration of the kinky queers edges of community and abundant homoerotic tendencies. Attendance to the weekend is open to self-identified queers of all kinds, our guests, and players who’d like to build community with us. Interested? Come! This weekend event embraces and welcomes all our kinky, fetish community regardless of sexual identity or gender. This means you! Come out and have a good time! Instigate some play!

The Intergalactic Contest titles are for all flavors of queer BDSM players. Competition for the titles of Intergalactic Ethical Sadist, Intergalactic Power Bottom, and Intergalactic Hardcore Switch, is open to any self-identified TLGBQQAI community member over the age of 21 who wants to represent the kinky queer community in our galaxy. Explicitly open to contestants of any/all/no gender(s). Our distinguished panel of intergalactic judges has been selected to represent the diversity of our community.

We’re committed to making play happen wherever and whenever possible.
— Boots & Bonfire Productions




Contact us with any sponsorship inquiries, silent auction donations, scholarships, accessibility concerns or general questions.