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1. What do I get for my ticket price? What does it cost to go?

Registration includes 6 meals, housing, transportation to and from the venue from Portland, plenty of outdoor space to adventure and play, indoor dungeon space, classes, the Intergalactic contest, Boots and Cannagar afterparty, and more!!! This is all for the low price of $225 and two hours of community building labor!

2. Can I just get a day pass?

No, this year we are only offering full packages.

3. So where is this thing happening? How do I get there?

Our location is at the rustic bunkhouse of your woodland camper dreams, surrounded by all the greenery Oregon has to offer! The exact location will not be publicized to keep a good relationship with the venue. It is 90 min from Portland and 30 min from Salem. Shuttle service from Portland leaves from the cascade transit center on September 13th and returns on September 15th around 6:30 pm. Cascade Transit Center is one stop from the Portland International Airport (PDX), and close to Park&Ride parking lots. If you are arriving and a driver from a location other than Portland the venues address will be disclosed the week before the event.

4. When does this party start?

Due to the nature of the venue and this event we require all attendees to be present for orientation at Friday Night Dinner September 13th. We ask that you arrive no later than 6pm unless you are on the last shuttle bus! We will wait for the shuttle to arrive to get orientation started.

5. What do I need to know about Allergens?

  • The kinky queer weekend is a LOW/ NO SCENT EVENT! We’re asking everyone to avoid fragrances, body sprays, essential oils, etc.

  • We are a LATEX FREE event. YES, even the condoms please. Latex cross contaminates a spaces easily, and we have several campers who are severely allergic. Please help us keep everyone alive by leaving your latex at home. We encourage you to wear spandex, neoprene, sequins, leather, pleather or nothing at all!

  • We’re in the woods, so you should expect pollen and other natural irritants. If it’s chilly the bunkhouse will be heated by a big wood burning stove, so there may also be particulates in the air from that.

  • There will be at least one service dog.

  • The bunkhouse includes our kitchen, so we will be keeping allergies at the forefront when we’re planning menus. Please indicate on your registration if you have any dietary concerns or air-borne food allergies that we should keep in mind!

6. What’s the venue like? How close together are the areas? What kind of accessibility can I expect?

The main venue is a self-contained bunkhouse. The location is on several wooded acres. We also have a fire pit, and, for those who like, a 1½ mile fire road to explore. There are indoor bathrooms in the bunkhouse but they do not have transfer bars. Indoor showers are a quick 1 mile trip away (we will have shuttles running) and we are working on a bank of solar showers next to the bunkhouse too.

The bunkhouse contains our kitchen and dining space, class space and main play space all on the first floor. Doors are wide enough for an average wheelchair to pass through. The dining room has a few large chairs in addition to several picnic tables. Sleeping bunks are upstairs (up 16 wide stairs, with solid handrails). The bunkhouse also has very limited sleeping space downstairs. If stairs are not possible and folks have the physical ability to camp, we have limited tent space about 20 feet from the bunkhouse in a semi-wooded area. Whether you are inside or tenting, there is electricity for CPAPS (please let us know if you will be bringing one).

The fire pit and extra tables are also just located outside of the bunkhouse, accessed by a paved area. There will be some outdoor play spaces/ education zones. These are located down a slight incline of about 15 feet at a gentle grade. While the road to this zone is paved, the area itself is more of a well-manicured lawn.

We will not have strobe lights, blinking lights or artificial fog at this event.

ASL interpreters will be present at the contest and available for classes.

Our registration form has questions to help specifically meet folks’ accessibility needs. Please let us know!

7. What are the sleeping arrangements? Is there electricity?

Sleeping arrangements in the bunkhouse are bunk beds. They are solid wood bunks built with adults in mind, twins (top) and fulls (bottom). The fulls will have air mattresses on them and the twins will have foam mats (you are welcome to bring your own sleeping pad, just let us know). All guests are expected to bring their own bed rolls (pillow, sheet, sleeping bag/blanket, etc). We will have a limited number of sleep rolls for rent - please indicate on your registration follow up if you would like to reserve one. If camping is the best option for your mobility, we will provide appropriately tarped tents and can provide cots or air mattresses, unless you have your own preferred gear. We will be running power to the tents for c-paps. There is a very limited amount of indoor bunks on the first floor; these bunks will be prioritized based on accessibility needs.

8. Are there gravel or paved paths, or is it all uneven ground?

The bunkhouse is surrounded by asphalt. Across from the building there is a well-manicured lawn area, and there is a paved road running throughout the area. There is a meadow past the bunkhouse and then woods. IF we hold workshops outside they will be on the lawn close to the bunkhouse or on an ADA accessible trail. There is a fire road off the back edge of the venue. It is not paved but it is more solid than a wander in the meadow.

9. Can I bring my Latex?

NO. We are a LATEX FREE event. YES, even the condoms please. Latex cross contaminates spaces easily, and we have several campers who are severely allergic. Please help us keep everyone alive by leaving your latex at home. We encourage you to wear spandex, neoprene, sequins, leather, pleather or nothing at all!

10. Can we bring our cat?

No. We’re sorry, but the venue is only open to ADA compliant service animals. We apologize for this inconvenience. To comply with the venue, we are limited to dogs and mini horses who are trained to perform specific accessibility tasks for people in attendance.

11. Can we bring our own car?

We have a limited number of parking spots for folks that need to bring their own space ships. We highly encourage folks who are able to take the mothership from Portland or to rideshare to do so. We are prioritizing parking to those with accessibility needs and those who are coming from outside the Portland area and are willing to carpool with other attendees.

13. What else can I do to support this event?

Buy an ad in our program, or become a sponsor (link here). Buy a “reach around pass” and cover the cost of admission for a scholarship recipient! Share it with your friends, lovers, crushes, facebook groups and Fetlife buddies!

12. So what’s the deal with smoking?

There is no smoking or vaping inside. There will be a designated Smoking Zone for tobacco, vaping, and other products. Cannabis smoking (legal in Oregon!) is permitted anywhere on pavement, please don’t walk and smoke. Please remember this is a LOW/NO SCENT EVENT - if your vaping product has added flavors or scents please contain your use to the designated smoking area.

I hope this answers your questions. Please don't hesitate to ask anything else that may come to mind or if I missed anything.

See ya in the woods!

Boots& bonfire